Thank you for nurturing your soul.

You and I both know to explore your soul takes time and vision. We are stronger when we have encouragement, witnesses, and support. To best ensure your success, I have crafted a membership site to empower you on your journey.

In fact, I want to learn everything I can from you to make this opportunity an absolutely incredible,        life-changing journey for you. 

Each path offers different ways to help support your becoming. 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being.

Much love,




Lifetime Access to the DailyMeds Meditation Library

Weekly Live DailyMeds

AWSMU Family Membership Circle

All the Benefits of

the Invisible Path


A Montly Tarot Practicum

(You need not be part of any prior tarot classes to join this path)

This two-hour tarot class will help you gain confidence with your card reading techniques. In addition, we will explore different decks, spreads, and dive deeper into the eternal wisdom of the tarot. We will also explore other oracle decks so you can have many tools to gain personal guidance and strengthen your intuition.

All the benefits of

the Invisible Path


A Monthly Small Group Reading

In small groups, Austyn will communicate with your ancestors and guides. Each month, you will receive personal messages to help you gain confidence connecting to the spirit world and learn to better recognize their signs and symbols so you can feel their constant love and support.

Full Access to the

Invisible Path

Intuitive Path

Ancestor Path


A Monthly Master Soul Conversations Class

This one-hour master class will offer tools and techniques for you to live a soul-centered life. We will explore greater concepts of time, space, and your energy field to help you more deeply create a spiritual mindfulness.

You will help me shape how these paths evolve through your valuable comments and observations. As a result, I will craft custom content to help you achieve your goals. I will be there witnessing every step you take.

May this new adventure gift you with vision and magic so your soul can soar.

I am so thankful for your support. I can't wait to witness as your soul opens petal by petal.

Such excitement awaits...

Our Monthly Routine

I have created a private Facebook Group, exclusively for our Members. This is our place to share, receive, give and support one another. 

We will have live Daily Meds gatherings each week. 

Each path allows you to customize how you wish to nurture your soul. Beyond our DailyMeds, you will have monthly classes, learn new skills, and truly walk authentically every day of your life! 

Invisible Path


For Everyone

  • Access to the full DailyMeds Meditation Library

  • Weekly Live Meditations with Austyn

  • An online Daily Meds Community page to connect, cultivate, and support our family.

Join The Invisible Path

Intuitive Path



All the Benefits of the Invisible Path


  • One monthly two-hour tarot class focusing upon reading techniques, different decks
  • Divine Insight Card reading instructions
  • Explorations of Oracle decks
  • And so much more...
Join The Intuitive Path

Ancestor Path



All the Benefits of the Invisible Path


  • Monthly small group reading so Austyn can connect with your ancestors.

  • Within these sessions, Austyn will help you recognize signs and symbols from loved ones and practice techniques to connect to the spirit world.

Join The Ancestor Path

Divine Path


All Paths Combined

Full Benefits of Invisible Path + Ancestor Path + Intuitive Path


  • Monthly Master Class with Austyn expanding upon the concepts introduced in her book Soul Conversations tailored to you!
Join The Divine Path